Adam Grant is a Systems Expert currently working as a Software Engineer and Lead Developer for Apple in Cupertino California. He also works as a Voice Actor for The City Within The Walls as "Jones" and has provided voiceover intros for tons of independent podcasts.

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Adam's father, Thomas Kochanowicz was a software developer and Certified Java Programmer from Omaha Nebraska. Before his death in 2013, he developed an online classified ads website called BlueAds.com, one year before the invention of Craigslist. He also filed three patents for woodworking equipment. Adam's mother, Sharon, is a Nurse Practitioner, also in Omaha.

Adam began tinkering with computers with his family at a very early age. His father helped him to build his own computer with parts at a local computer store. From his father's work he received copies of otherwise expensive operating systems and development software. He experimented with Symantec Visual Page for creating HTML websites (see Edupedia, Adeus, and Fake Chat)

When he wasn't on the computer, he would take apart his old toys and electronics to see how they worked. On at least one occasion, he was able to assemble a working radio using only parts from a computer speaker, some magnets, and batteries.

In sixth grade, he developed an interest in French after reading about France in an encyclopedia. He soon discovered a small subset of French-speaking Omahaans thanks to the francophone West African population. He found himself speaking French on a regular basis with friends, eventually gaining fluency as an adult.


In 2011, Adam moved to Lauzerte, France where he worked at a luxury spa marketed as a Vegan Weight-loss Bootcamp. There, he helped with tasks around the spa but mostly fulfilled his main role as a developer on the owners's auction website.


Three months later, he moved to New York City, living in Harlem, the Upper West Side and, finally meeting his wife Sylviane Grant and moving to Union Square.

During his time in New York, he developed an extension framework for Bootstrap called Kickstrap. Becoming frustrated with the landscape of CSS frameworks, he evolved this into Kickstart, a fully extendible CSS library. Kickstart has been one of Adam's most popular inventions to date. This is about the time he started working with Rails on side projects.

In New York, he began working for a startup in New Jersey as a UX Developer/Designer. In 2012, he lead User Experience design for Debtdomain.com, a loan syndication company, later acquired by Ipreo in 2013. By January of 2014, after closely following the work of Eric Reis, Joshua Seiden, and Jeff Gotthelf, he started as a designer and front end developer at Neo, a company founded and/or operated by all three. There he worked as a Designer and Full Stack Developer, finally working on projects as a bonafide Rails engineer.

In 2015, Sylviane and Adam decided to move to the Silicon Valley to be closer to family and work. Shortly after moving, he starting working at Apple where he is now a Software Engineer and Lead Developer in Retail Technology.